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Ashirwad Atta


Ashirwad Atta



Sometimes called Burfi, this is a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth Indian fudge made with milk, sugar and ghee. Its rich taste will perfectly complement a relaxing afternoon with coffee or tea.


A mixed rice dish seasoned with herbs and Indian spices and slow-cooked together with meat and/or vegetables, our biryani serves as a complete meal in itself, balancing a burst of exciting Eastern flavours with the essence of true comfort food.


Our signature curry dishes come with a choice of meat or vegetables generously slathered with gravy sauce made from our own homemade blend of herbs and spices to give you a mouthful of comfort in authentic Eastern flavours. The curry is served together with your choice of rice or fresh roti flatbread.

Curry Rolls

Hot, fresh bread rolls stuffed with a generous filling of aromatic spices, vegetables and/or meat, these pastries are one of India’s best-loved food to devour anytime of the day. Our own version of curry rolls has enjoyed great popularity among our customers through the years.

Gulab Jamun

Often referred to as “Indian doughnuts”, these deliciously soft fried dumplings are made out of milk and soaked in sweet syrup. Gulab Jamun is among the most popular desserts in India.

Indian Sweets

Sweets play a major role in Indian celebrations, often symbolising a “sweet” victory over life’s challenges. Whether you want to indulge your sweet-tooth cravings, celebrate a special occasion, or top off a sumptuous Indian meal with a hearty dessert, our sweet Indian delicacies are sure to satisfy your tastebuds and add depth to your experience of Indian food and culture.


Sweet, toasted balls made of flour, ghee and sugar, with a touch of nuttiness that brings out their characteristic flavour and crunch, these decadent treats can be enjoyed at the table or on-the-go.