The Curry Corner story is one that has not only stood the test of time in its 44 years of existence.


It is a story of inspiration, built on the passion and untiring dedication of owner and former engineer, Michael Sharma and wife Jaya, who came to Australia in 1974.

Curry Corner opens its first shop in Russell Street, as the first-ever Indian grocery and food takeaway shop in Melbourne.

Owner Michael Sharma is awarded Silver Medal for his contributions of Indian food and spices and years of unyielding service to Melbourne’s multicultural community.

Son Aneal Sharma takes over management of Curry Corner.

Curry Corner shop transfers to a new and better location in Victoria Street, North Melbourne.

Curry Corner is now an iconic business, famously known across Australia as the go-to Indian food shop and curry place for the freshest herbs and spices, and mouth-watering Indian delicacies prepared lovingly by Jaya Sharma, the shop’s passionate cook. In 2010, Michael Sharma was awarded by Melbourne’s Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle for his untiring and unyielding spirit to provide services to Melbourne’s multicultural community.

Curry Corner’s menu of delightfully distinctive takeaway food for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike has been enjoyed through the decades by people from all walks of life: from local residents to film celebrities and political leaders. Its fragrant spices, chutney and pastes find their way into restaurants, shopping centres and other establishments. The shop’s services have expanded as well, to include food catering for all types of occasions, due to demand and popularity.

Today, Curry Corner remains a close-knit, family-oriented business, with son Aneal Sharma now managing its shop. Equally passionate in his love for the business that his parents have dedicated much of their lives to, Aneal continues the heart-warming success story of Curry Corner alongside mother, Jaya, providing quality spices and food made from the heart, in hopes of keeping Curry Corner an icon of Indian culture etched in Australia’s multicultural fabric for generations to come.